Production of Safe and Delicious Vegetables

We pursue the production of vegetables with safety, taste, and appearance (shape, weight, etc.).

Production of Safe and Delicious Vegetables

We strive to maintain and improve our production capacity to meet quality and order quantity requirements of our customers.

Production of Safe and Delicious Vegetables

Through farms and vegetables, we tell seasonal flavors and seasonal changes to our customers.

Towards a Bright Future for Urban Agriculture

Unfortunately, the agricultural environment in Tokyo doesn't have good conditions. In response to the diversification of our customers, we are expanding our scale by leasing and leasing farmland, and are committed to the sustainability and growth of urban agriculture.

Local Products for Local Consumption

We use compost from "Takeuchi Farm", which produces Akikawa Beef, a brand beef in Akiruno City, Tokyo. We produce vegetables in Tokyo with compost from Tokyo. It is high-quality compost that has been matured and refined.

Business Outline

Takura Farm is a wide-area certified farmer (Kodaira-shi, Nishitokyo-shi) from the Governor of Tokyo.

We deliver about 20 kinds of seasonal vegetables for business to restaurants, hotels, welfare, commercial facilities, educational institutions, etc.

Vegetables for Business

We make deal with hotels, welfare facilities, and restaurants in Tokyo.

Vegetables for School Food Service

Starting at elementary schools in the city in 1984, we now deliver safe vegetables to schools for children to continue to eat throughout Tokyo.

Sustaining Urban Agriculture

We are working on the problems and solutions of urban agriculture, such as lectures at various places and online classes from the farm to school classrooms.

Information for Consumers

As the most different urban agriculture on the table, we provide timely information to consumers.

Scale and Facilities

Location and Contact Information

Address 〒188-0013
6-4-14 Mukaidaicho, Nishitokyo-shi, Tokyo
TEL 042-462-2566
FAX 042-462-2566
Business Hours 14:00~15:30
Regular Holiday Saturday and Sunday

Frequently Asked Questions

We produce about 20 kinds of vegetables per year and deliver the delicacies of the seasons to consumers.

We deliver vegetables to about 30 school food services in Tokyo, 5 hotels in Tokyo, convenience stores, elderly facilities, mail-order services and garden sales.

We produce safe and delicious vegetables

Agriculture is an industry affected by nature, so we struggle with extreme weather from recent climate change.

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