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Environment and Safety

Low use of pesticides through greenhouse farming

We use facilities such as agricultural greenhouses to finely control moisture, nutrition, room temperature, and sunlight. By closely management of the environment within the facility, we can reduce the use of pesticides significantly.

Pesticides reduction and quality improvement


For Deliciousness

Use of compost to improve soil fertility

Fertile soil has the power to resist pests. We use plenty of compost from Akikawa beef, a brand beef in Tokyo, and strive to improve and enhance the soil with safe and high-quality compost.

Both compost and vegetables are local products for local consumption

Efficiency and Inefficiency

Machines and human hands

Agricultural machinery is essential to provide a sufficient supply of quality vegetables to consumers. However, there are times when some manual work is absolutely required. Quality and efficiency are thorny issues, but we prioritize quality.

Meticulous manual labor is for quality


Seasonal Deliciousness

Season, varietal characteristics, harvest and time

We carefully select and plant varieties of vegetables that are appropriate to the season and climate. If you delay the harvest until the vegetables taste best, the flavor will be improved too.

We are close to the field and table.

What I want to tell you more

Besides vegetables, there are other things I would like to introduce

In addition to vegetables, there is something I would like to tell you at Takura Farm. We want you to see the field and the agriculture nowadays. That is how we start it with such feeling.




Harvest Calendar

It is the harvest time of main vegetables. It may change depending on the climate of the year.